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What Service Do we Offer?

At OK1 Automotive Technology LLC, we provide a comprehensive range of mobile auto services.

Mobile ADAS Calibration

Precision is vital in our Mobile ADAS Calibration service. We meticulously calibrate your vehicle's Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, ensuring optimal safety and performance on the road.

Electrical Diagnostics

Uncover hidden issues with our Electrical Diagnostics service. We identify and resolve performance issues in your vehicle, employing both OEM and aftermarket scan tools for comprehensive, meaningful reports.


Experience seamless vehicle operation with our Module Programming service. Using OEM equipment, we update and optimize your vehicle's electronic systems according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Pigtails & Harnesses Repair

Save on costs with our Pigtails & Harnesses Repair service. We fix these components, preventing the need for expensive replacements of entire wire looms.

AC Recharge

Enjoy cool comfort with our AC Recharge service. We use 1234YF refrigerant to recharge your vehicle's air conditioning system, ensuring it works efficiently even in the hottest weather.

SRS Systems Repair

Trust in our SRS Systems Repair service for your automotive shop or collision repair shop. We ensure your vehicle's safety systems are functioning correctly, prioritizing passenger safety above all else.

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